Friday, July 31, 2009


Adik ipar saya bawakkan ubat batukni.
Uphadyl forte expectorant.
Saya minum pagi ni lps bfast..
dan kesannya..

Saya Lalok!!.....
Tertidor di meja ofc..

Nak balik 1/2 day lah kawan2.
xlarat...mata mengantuk sgt makan ubat batuk ni..
Esok ada majlis wedding saudara di Kepong..
Tak habis lg musim kawin2 ni.

happy wekend all..

pic - by google

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is it safe to dye your hair while you are pregnant?

Of Course it depends on the Woman. if you wanted to be on the safe side, you could definitely use the shampoo dye. It does not look as good as professional, but looks pretty well.

Most doctors say no because they really don't know how it will affect the baby. But a lot of women do and have normal babies. Ask your doctor and go with what they tell you.


I used an out of the box dye on my hair after I had been pregnant for about 2 months(I didnt know I was pregnant). My baby is healthy in my 8th month of pregnancy, so i guess there was no damage done. Though, it is not recommended and considered to be risky. Highlights as opposed to "all over color" are much less of a risk for the baby.


I really have not seen any good studies on this matter. However, after talking to my doctor, as well as a few hair dressers, I have come to my own conclusion. I personally dont think you can do any harm to your child. Just do everything you can to keep the room very well ventilated.As well, try to avoid black shades. Apparently they are not healthy for anyone to be using, and should really be avoided in this situation. It's also best if you have someone dye your hair for you while you sit. I used to dye my own hair, but found keeping my arms above my head for too long made me dizzy. Either way, use your judgement. I personally had no problems during my pregnancy while using hair dye, and I doubt you would either.


It can be harmful to dye your hair when you're pregnant. I have done a lot of reading on this subject and I have talked with my own hairdresser about this subject while I was pregnant. Some of the chemicals that are used in the dying agents can be harmful to your unborn child. The same way certain household cleaners are. Not only that when your pregnant you lose a lot of vitamins including the zinc which keeps your hair from thinning. Your hair can become very damaged and brittle. If you notice your hair even loses some of its shine while your pregnant. You're also supposed to use minimal hair spray, gels and mousses that have alcohol in them due to the fumes. If you absolutely have to dye your hair get the dye with the fruit extracts in it. Use a mask if the smell is to bad and make sure you wash your hands when your finished. Unborn children are very sensitive towards anything you do plus you can damage your hair.


The jury is really out on this one. Some scientists believe by dying your hair often you are doing harm (that includes all women), but now they are saying only if you dye it a dark color. So who really knows. I would ask your doctor or phone the # on the package of dye and ask them. They will tell you the truth because they sure don't want to be sued. I really don't think it hurts the baby at all, but it's best to talk to a pro on this one.


I can answer this question with a fresh outlook on it, I just went to my prenatal doctors appointment today at the hospital, a Childrens hospital, and I dye my hair a honey blonde colour and my doctor said to me that if I use a peroxide aka bleach on my hair it will not affect the fetus, it is darker hair dyes such as box dyes that can be harmful and they say this because it is proven that darker shade boxed hair dyes contribute a chemical which can cause cancer of your blatter and when using these hair dyes when pregnant that same chemical can harm the fetus, however Bleach/Peroxide does not contain the same chemical and it is safe to use.


I dont't think the shade has anything to do with the effect. Bleach is not peroxide, peroxide is the secondary ingredient in both color and bleach that opens the cuticle and allows the color or bleach to penetrate the hair shaft. There are many different types of color and volumes of peroxide and i'm sure all would have differnet effect. As a personal rule of thumb I don't apply color or bleach onto the scalp of a pregnant woman. In some cases a pregnant woman's hair will resist color just as someone who is on medication's hair would due to hormonal changes.


I have been through 3 pregnancys and had my hair bleached all over throughout all pregnancys, i had 12% peroxide and blue bleach and it took brilliantly on my hair and has not harmed any of my children, im on my 4th pregnancy and just had my hair done again, it wont harm baby, some women just find the bleach does not take as well on there hair


I'm a perfectionist and my girlfriend is pregnant. Personally if I was her, I wouldn't use the hair dye. I know it's comforting to go online and search what other women say, and read that they've done it and their kids are fine. But I don't know, that's just not enough for me. There's always someone who's going to say that they do something and it's fine, but... How do you REALLY know? Of course your kid can come out normal, but scientifically I know nothing of any possible effects. What if my kid could have had more brain cells, a slightly stronger heart, slightly better hair, more whatever cells or whatever...? I have no idea in the slightest, so I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing it when I wouldn't know. I love my baby to be more than anything in the world, and I wouldn't be able to get myself to possibly take anything away from her.

Info fr Google.

Hmm i'm thinking to do hair shining ptg ni..Tp cancellah hair shining.

Do hair treatment jelah . .

Tempat damai di hati..

Akhirnya..dpt juga fountain..
walaupun tak menepati citarasa saya yg utama..
Janji dpt!..

Bolehlah saya bersama hubby and danny menikmati bfast & minum ptg ditemani cucuran air...

Tp next balik Jb awal puasa..
tak merasa lah gamaknya nk makan kat fountain ni..Erk!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Saya Masih Batuk...

Dah dekat seminggu rasanya saya kena batuk..

masalahnya, ubat tak boleh makan sbb still early preggy..
Plak tu saya adalah species yg kalau sakit, lambat baik..
tension sgt..

Smlm..kakak tea lady bg petua,
cari buah belimbing then makan cicah garam..
Smlm lunch time juga saya ke Ampang Park cr belimbing..
Sib baik dapat.... Sedap plak makan belimbing cicah garam. hehe

nak kata surut tu entahlah yer..
Tp rasa tekak perit kering tu masih ada..
Ada apa2 petua hilangkan batuk tak kawan2..
Rasa sungguh tak selesa.
bawah perut pun rasa sakit sbb asyik terbatuk2 saja...

Anak saya pun dh kene jangkitan batuk..
Dia plak nak bg ubat punyalah susah..
Mak dan anak batuk lah plak..
Mmg musim penyakit agaknya skrg ni.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome to our garage..

Erk..Smlm hubby call..

He wanna bought new car! VW..
Aha???????? VW?.....

Hmm..VW yg mana gaknya?????????








VW yg ini....

As collection katanya!..
Sabar jelah aku...

Welcome VW to our garage...
Tak sabar nak naik lg 2 weeks kot..haha...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mcm2 penyakit...

Minggu ni rasa takda mood nk update blog..
saya adalah sakit, kene batuk2..rasa mcm batuk kering mcm tu..
Tekak perit... Nak cakap pun tak boleh...

Tambah lg satu problem..
Hp pulak terendam air masa on the way balik Kl isnin lepas..
So 3 hr ni hidup aku mcm tak lengkap takde hp.
Hmm..dugaan byk plak minggu ni..

Workload kerje plak sgt byk minggu ni..
Dgn badan tak sihat..dgn kerja byk, dgn hp rosak..
Jiwa kacau hidup aku....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Sil's Wedding

Selesai sudah majlis...
Badan masih terasa penat dan letih..
Hr ni 1st day masuk keje.. dtg lewat..
hahah...mata takleh nk bukak..

A few pic masa wedding attached..
Ada byk lg gambar..
Tp kat camera lain..
X sempat nk upload lg...


Wekend ni kami sekeluarga ke Muar
utk majlis Menjemput menantu pula..

Penuh perut makan nasi beriyani lah gamaknya a few weeks ni...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My life is change!!!!!!

Allo peepss...
before i take leave, i nk bgtau everybody..
I hv good news..

I am preggy!!!!!!!.. 2nd preggy in my life!.
Alhamdulillah..Syukur atas rezeki yg diberi.....
After my lovely son Danny 5 yrs old!..

Aduh...after 5 yrs and usia yg meningkat..hahah I'm 32 this yr,
rasa mcm letih semacam.
Hopefully esok lusa dah ok..
tambah lg i agak tired travelling Jb-Kl offenly.

My bfast is changed!
hahah..start minum minuman 'kebencian ku' (SuSu!!).
Minum terus rasa semacam jek...
And makan roti Butterscotch - Nyum2 sedap....

Hmm..patutlah lately feeling mcm gemuk semacam jek...
Gemuk 'berisi' haha..

ok ladies..
Will update soonest, i am so bz, today kene siapkan kerja di ofc..
Tomorrow, start balik Jb, bz with my SIL wedding preparation,
bz with my a few personal thg and yg sewaktu dgnnya..

Erk...baju2 raya ku dh siap 4 psg...
harus tak muat raya nti...uwaaa.......................

Wedding invitation

To All my fren...

sesapa yg berada di Johor bahru
pd hr Jumaat & Sabtu ni, 17 & 18 July 09

jemputlah dtg ke rumah saya ,
bersempena majlis perkahwinan adik perempuan kami.

Di Alamat :

No 53 jalan selayang 18
Taman Pasir Putih, Pasir gudang, Johor.

harap2 kawan2 yg free especially di kawasan Pasir gudang,
dptlah hadir ke rumah saya okey.

P/s..saya akan start bercuti esok hr dan akan kembali ke ofc pd hr selasa depan.
kalau ada masa free, saya baca blog kawan2 okey..

Friday, July 10, 2009

At last!!!!!

Dpt jugak tiket tgk citer Transformers!.
org lain dh tgk 2 - 3 kali..kitaorg br dpt tiket..
Bukan apa, mls nak bersesak2 beli tiket sebelum ni.
And wekend di Jb 2 hr tu sgtlah bz dgn pelbagai agenda..

Apapun..Esok jam 9 mlm kami 3 beranak akan ke Jusco Tebrau Ct
yeah!...tentu Danny seronok..

Toys Bumblebee & Optimus Prime sudah dibeli beberapa minggu lepas....
Tp movie nya tak tgk2 lgi..
terpaksa lah Danny layan Transformers 1 nya DVD kat umah..

Anak saya ialah peminat Transformers, Iron man, Hell Boy
dan yang sewaktu dgnnya..

Paling tak tahan, Hell Boy tu dia layan.
Siap tau lagu yg Hell boy and Fish tu nyanyi..
kalau dgr lagu tu kat mana2..dia siap kata..
'Mummy tu lagu Hell Boy'

Erk... sungguh kuat daya ingatan anakku terhadap HellBoy..Rosak!!!!!!!!!!

Esok jam 2ptg ada Majlis bacaan yassin perempuan di rumah saya...
Sempena seminggu lagi majlis perkahwinan dirumah...
Saya adalah bz esok hari...

Ops...sudah jam 2.30pm skrg ni..
perut adalah sgt kenyang setelah makan ikan terubuk bakar di kampung baru td....

4.30ptg nti saya akan membelah Highway KL-JB..

happy wekedn frends....Muahs..

Muka budak happy dpt tgk Transformers!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

carpet oh carpet

dah mcm "Bai jual carpet' plak aku ni..

Okies..pencarian carpet design Laura Ashley dah berjaya...
Smlm aku round kat Amcorp Mall 1hr before meet my fren.
Aku sudah sampai awal , so round2 mall dulu.
1st time g Amcorp Mall tu..

aku sudah masuk satu kedai Carpet. Kedai Carpet Arab...

And tak sangka, dia ada jual Carpet Design English Laura Ashley..
Cuma this carpet design Laura Ashley, tp made in Pakistan ke Turki..Lupalah plak..
means design tu dorg cilok Laura Ashley punya..

Tp aku tak beli lagi..
Cos aku still tak puas hati selagi tak pergi tgk kat kedai Laura Ashley.
Aku dgr kat One Utame 1st flr ada kedai LA ni.
Cuma tak tau bila sempat nak g survey kt situ, nk tgk LA situ ada supply carpet or not.
Mungkin esk ptg/mlm kalau sempat aku g OU..

So ni yg sempat aku snap dlm kedai carpet smlm..

So sesapa yg suka Carpet design bunga2 ni, byk kt Amcorp mall..
Silalah melawat..hahaha. baik je aku tolong promo kedai ni..

kalau LA takde supply carpet, harus kedai ni jugalah kutuju...

With My best fren

Smlm .. jumpa my best fren Lily & Birkha..
Nilah kawan baik aku masa dr form4 & 5 kat teknik Jb dulu..
hr tu jumpa masa gathering kat melaka, tp rasa mcm tak puas...

So mlm td borak lupa diri fr 7.30 pm till 10.45pm.
Lupa diri mak2 dara anak & suami kat umah.
mcm aku oklah, suami takde kt umah..
Sib baik dorg dpt huby yg sporting and memasing ada maid settle anak2..

Hv fun makan kat A&W PJ..
We need to lepak more offen lah fren..
Borak and ketawa tak hingat.

My best fren Bir & Lily...

Sampai umah kul 11.20pm, danny pun da tidor..
Sorry sayang mama layan borak mlm td...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rambut Ku

Ada sahabat bertanya..
mcm mana rupa rambut saya kaler dulu sampai rosak?

heheh..saya belek2 gambar raya tahun lepas..
inilah rupanya kaler rambut saya yg sbb kan rambut saya sgt kering..

tp aku suka plak tgk...
heheheh..jgn raya tahun ni aku highlite lg sudah!..

dh ku perasan..sungguh berani ku kaler rambut ku begitu...haha

patutlah..ada yg panggil / kutuk ckp pompuan rambut kaler kuah satay tumpah!!
hahahah...saya takkan lupa ayat tu.. Hampeh!!


I need help!!!!..
Nak cr fountain mcm ni..
Kat Jb town dh puas ku takde yg mcm ni..
Tension betullah..

kalau ada sesapa tau, tolong...
Dah puas ku pergi nursery2 pokok area JB.
Dah mintak tolong tokey2 tu crkan pun tak jumpa.

Ade jumpa di SSF tp bukan kaler putih pulak.
kaler mcm simen tu..ala2 kelabu asap...
kalau korang nampak kt mana2 tolonglah bgtau..
Sanggup ku import dr KL ke JB...

Gambar fountain yg ku cilok dr web mana tah..haha

Saya nk fountain yg airnya turun within 3 mangkuk tu je..
Bukan air yg turun ke bawah lantai yer..
mcm mana nk explain yer...aduh pening pala makcik....

Dah sebulan ku cr2 tak jumpa benda alah ni...
Bila tak cr ..byk pulak nampak....huh...

Stress plak rasa....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Carpet design English

Saya sedang mencari Carpet ala2 English design..
Ada flower2..

Ada kawan syorkan carpet arab.. mcm suka,
tp my 1st priority is to get English Design rug.

kawan2 tau tak mana nk cr carpet cantik2 English design tu..
Ada org kata laura Ashley..
Tp kt msia ni, Laura Ashley supply carpet ke ye?
kat mana kedai LA ni, ada yg tau?..

Aduh ade 2 weeks je nk dptkan carpet before wedding.

kalau tak jumpa..harus saya beli carpet lain dulu,
dan meneruskan pencarian carpet yg berkenan di mata sehingga hari raya nti..
Saya berangannk matchkan carpet ni dgn kerusi Chesterfield saya..

saya nkkan carpet ala2 begini...
mana nk dapat agaknya??????? tolong.........

gambar ni saya ambil dr blog seseorg.... suka design dia..
saya dh email tuan empunya blog, cuma belum dpt jawapan dr nya..
samada carpet tu milik dia atau gambar dr internet..

kalau kawan2 tau mana nk dptkan carpet ala2 begini, ..
tolong bgtau saya..


Tobacco color


last thursday aku just pergi color my hair..
Cos warna lama dh turun hampir separuh..

This time no more highlite.
I suruh dia pakai 1 color only and a bit darker...
Ni gambar kene nampak terang sikit kaler tu..

Ops....bukan kak nurul yg buat rambut i okey..
Her staff Micky yg buat.
dah a few times mmg i suruh Micky yg buat my hair..
Kak Nurul is more into wedding planner and make-up2.

Luv the outcome..
Simple hair color..

Me with new hair color..
Nothing great.

Gambar last friday pigi kerje....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

balik awal

Saya akan balik awal ptg ni..
Ade temujanji d Nurul Shukor Touch utk Color Rambut..
kali ini saya akan color 1 kaler shj..
Tobat aku nk highlite lg..haha..boley percaya ke tak haku ni..

Sudah 8 bulan saya menahan hati melihat rambut ku yg kering
akibat Color & highlite masa raya 2008..
saya tak pernah serik.. dulu pun color dan highlite juga..hahahah

Setelah hampir 3 bulan saya menggunakan Laxme Syampoo,
rambut saya kembali lembut sikit...Huh...

Hr ni saya kuatkan hati utk color semula..
Antara main reason, 2 minggu lagi wedding SIL saya..
kakak2 pun harus sibuk melawa pd majlis dia nti..hehe..

Esok dan lusa ade wedding di JB..
Dapatlah saya melaram dgn rambut baru....ahai...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tag Fr Eynda about Kunci Kereta

Dah lama i dpt Tag ni fr Eynda, Thanks fren.
br hr ni sempat nk buat..

Tag pasal gambo kunci/keychain la pulok....

Cara-caranye :

1. ambil gambar keychain yang ada pada kunci kereta/motor/van/lori atau apa-apa sahaja kenderaan. (kunci rumah/office tak aci ok)

2. buat ulasan lanjut tentang keychain korang.

Both keychain is from Harley Davidson.
My hubby luv harley so much - i pun dh terikut sama.
Almost 7 yrs da berkecimpung dgn dunia motor ni.
Dari mula we all kawin sampailah skrg.
Yg silver keychain tu beli kat harley butik Spore,lama dah.
Then yg lg satu tu beli kat Harley butik Bangkok.

3. nyatakan juga jika ada memori atau kenangan indah pada keychain tersebut.

Actually keychain harley yg silver tu ada dua.
Satu letak kat kunci kete i,
then satu letak kat kunci kete hubby.
Tp yg kete hubby punya dah rosak.
So tinggal satu kat kete i .
La ni kete Hubby takde keychain apa2.

4. Tag kawan2 pula..
Okey..saya nk TAG pada kawan2 saya..
1) RL
3) Posh
4) Miss Nona
5) Julie

Bila ade free, post about ur keychain kete yer frens.