Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day.

To all beautiful mummy,
Wish u All 'Happy Mothers day!'.

Yesterday celebrate Mothers day with my big happy family...
We are having BBQ at my hse yg tak habis siap tu..

This yr, I'm getting the most expensive pressy from the special person besides my hubby..
I am getting the 1st Mothers Day Card from si cilik 'Danny Irkhan'..
I'm so impressed cos Danny dah boleh menulis. Syukur sgt2...
He gave me a big Hug and said Mama, teacher ajar Danny buat card tok Hapy Birthday to U mama...hahahaha...he still not understand the Mothers day means..
TQ so much my son. ..

And not to forget the special gift from my beloved....
I'm getting a new Nokia E66 hp... Nothing great nor expensive, but something i really need as my 3 yrs old hp dah uzur sgt....
Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to my beloved for the pressy. Luv u my dear...

So smlm makan tak hingat.....
The special menu is BBQ Kambing aka Lamb Chops.. marinated by Cik Puan Lily... Not forget other item yg kita buat BBQ - daging, drumstick, udang & kerang...TQ Cik Puan...heheheh
p/s thanks to Dr Jai & wifey (Cik Puan Lily) as the main sponsor of the event. Dgn ucapan..lain kali buat BBQ lagi..heheheh

And i would like to wish Happy Birthday Lily...!!!..
Walaupun kedai kek salah tulis atas kek (Oklah tu kedai tulis happy Mothers Day..)
Next session BBQ kene buat lagi as everybody suka sgt that BBQ lamb tu.....Yummy..

To my special frens yg send me sms for Mothers Day yesterday, TQ so much..
Picture...Will update later ok..Tak sempat upload lagi.
Dr Jai..pls share picture kat flickr cepat sikit hokey.....

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