Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baju ...

My SIL getting married this coming July,
So everybody is busy cr baju..
So last 2 days, we go to Gulatis Jalan TAR and bought a few pasang kain.
I bought only 3 at this time...
All 3 kain is from same material - chiffon beading
Aku ni mmg suka baju mengerlip2 ..hehehhe

I bought, Peach, Green & Light Blue
I really love with light blue kain tu .....mcm cinta pandang pertama..hahhaha
My SIL pun berkenan with that light blue,
But sorry to said lily...wa dh chop dulu..heheheh

Okay pic kain yg i beli kat Gulatis..

Green - Striking..heheh

Light Blue/Cyan
All dh hantar tailor...By end of June siap..Wedding is on Mid July...

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